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As an avid coffee enthusiast, I decided to bring forth my knowledge and experiments in the world of “java” and share with the public what I have discovered on my ventures through the coffee globe. Reviews of coffee, barista gear but especially the best coffee makers to make the magic happen.

“A day without coffee is a day wasted”

I am glad I stumbled into the Lords lair of coffee reviews. Was contemplating which Keurig coffee maker to get and after reading the review, the choice was clear as day. Thank you “Lord” 😀

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What kind of coffee do you preffer?

The best way to experience our coffee types is to visit the library. Follow the aromas and choose to make the most enticing coffee to satisfy your palate. Mochas, americanas, machiattos and of course the allmighty espresso await…

Coffee makers

I have tested and bought many types of coffee makers through the years, as well as surveyed and visited many coffee savants across the world. Which coffee makers to chose for what purpose and your budget? All will be revealed in our wast library of tests and coffee maker reviews.

The Quintessential Guide To The Best Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are available in a wide array of designs. You can pick the ideal unit from a selection that includes electric and non-electric models. Some variants use cold water to produce either a high or partially concentrated beverage.

High-end units come with advanced features and can cost several thousand dollars. Some of the essential factors to consider when selecting the best coffee makers include convenience, cost, and preference.

Manual coffee makers, such as espresso pots and French press variants require more attention than automated electric models but the coffee will be ready with a push of a few buttons. On the other hand, pod machines are ideal for brewing different types of coffee.

The best espresso machine

Espresso makers represent a deluxe option in coffee machines. These units are designed to brew smaller quantities of the beverage. You can count on the best espresso machine to produce stronger and flavorful coffee. The machines can make different types of coffee, including lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

The majority of models available on the market can produce one or two shots of espresso at a time. The devices come with a wide variety of features and designs to suit varying preferences. You can rely on these coffee makers to produce high-quality coffee.

Additionally, espresso can provide an aesthetically appealing addition to your kitchen thanks to attractive designs. The units are easy to use for the whole family.

The best drip coffee maker

These variants provide a combination of durability, ease of use, and affordability. It is no wonder that they can be found in many households. The best drip coffee maker products can make a quick cup of coffee. These units can produce between one and four cups at a time.

You can find models that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from which to choose. A drip coffee machine uses a filter, which contains ground coffee. You can vary the strength of the coffee depending on your personal preference.

The best single-serve coffee maker

Also known as pod coffeemakers, single-serve machines are fairly new to the market. The best single-serve coffee maker comes with K-cups or single-serving pods that produce the beverage. Each pod offers a distinct flavor, thus making it easier to pick specific flavors that suit your taste.

After buying the pod, you can place it in the machine, add water, and turn the coffee maker on. These models eliminate the need to use messy filters and coffee grounds. For this reason, you can take advantage of a streamlined coffee making process.

The best French press coffee maker

The French press coffee machine enjoys widespread usage thanks to its ease of use. It allows you to prepare your favorite beverage by simply adding coffee grounds and boiling water before pressing the unit’s lid. Doing so pushes the coffee to the bottom of the best French press coffee maker.

This variant is a low-tech, affordable option available on the market. It does not use filters or electricity to prepare the beverage. To produce the ideal flavor, you need to brew the contents for the specified amount of time. The downside is that your cup of coffee may contain some loose grounds.

The best pour-over coffee maker

Pour-over coffee is a favorite option for many people. However, it requires some considerable coffee making skills to produce the best tasting results. The best pour-over coffee maker comes with a filter and a funnel-shaped dripper.

The coffee-making process takes approximately five minutes. The upside is that the pour-over machine eliminates the mess associated with the techniques. Users need to pour hot water over fresh coffee grounds placed on a paper filter. The approach enhances the flavor of the coffee as the water drips slowly through the grounds.

The best cold brew coffee maker

Cold-brew machines use cold or ice water for brewing flavorful coffee. To achieve the best results, the process requires more time. The best cold brew coffee maker products available on the market can produce a beverage that is ready to drink. This approach requires the use of less coffee and more water.

You can drink the coffee either heated or cold. Adding more coffee grounds to the mix makes it easier to produce a concentrated beverage. The coffee can be poured over ice or hot water. Cold-brewed coffee comes with many benefits, including reduced acid levels.

The best Keurig coffee maker

Lets first ask ourselves what actually makes a good coffee maker?

Do people actually care about the actual size or the design? Is the ease of use more important? Speed or brewing capabilities perhaps?

We could go on and on about the above mentioned aspects, but one thing is for sure. Keurig coffee makers embody all of the above and more, which is why they are the most sold coffee makers in world hands down.

With yearly updates happening not once, but twice, Keurig is always up to date. So even if you have never bought a Keurig coffee maker before in your life, trust me when I say “We got your back!”

On this page you will find the best current models/makes that Keurig offers along with their pros and cons to make your choice as easy as possible.